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Islamorada Is not called the fishing capital of the world for just any reason! You can target a wide variety of fish here year round. based on condtions and time of year captain Jon-Paul will guide you to success.Giving you a chance to catch a fish of a lifetime.


Make sure to know what you are keeping, if you do not know let it go.

Pick up a list of species and their regulations at your local tackle shop, make sure you know the rules and regulations. you can also download the fish rule app to help identify what you are catching. make sure to properly identify any fish before you keep them and follow all regulations. If you are not sure what they are let them swim away for another day.


Updated: Sep 8, 2021

venture into the secluded shallow and protected waters of the back country.

Backcountry Fishing

Casting lines in the backcountry is your chance to explore some of the world’s most secluded waters, from high mountain streams to the labyrinth of the Ten Thousand Islands. To all the adventurous anglers out there, backcountry fishing is calling your name! What is Backcountry Fishing? “Backcountry fishing” has a different meaning depending on where you fish. In south Florida and the Keys, this applies to inshore islands and flats like those found in Everglades National Park. In other parts of the world, fishing the backcountry means hiking mountains and casting a line in gin-clear streams. No matter where you’re fishing and what the local “backcountry” might be, you can look forward to exploring untouched wilderness and secret waterways. Backcountry Fishing Techniques You can catch a great deal of backcountry species on spinning, baitcasting, and fly fishing gear, in freshwater and saltwater alike. Light tackle is standard, but you may opt in for heavy tackle when pursuing larger fish (such as 60+ lb Tarpon in the Florida Keys). Depending on your target species and the area, jigging, bottom fishing, and even trolling can be effective methods in the backcountry. In short, there’s no limit to the techniques you’ll use–it all depends on the fish you’re after and what’s working best that day.

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